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TKT International Preparation Course

Course Overview:

This course prepares you for Cambridge Assessment’s Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT). The aim is to both consolidate and broaden your background knowledge where it is needed, as well as get you thoroughly familiar with the test’s format.  Through highly interactive, visually attractive presentations, you will be engaged in an in-depth analysis of the test: module by module, section by section, question item by question item. By the end of the three-month course, you will have greatly enhanced your ability to achieve the result you deserve.

Course Outline:

This course is divided according to the modules on the test in sequential order, each with its own series of lessons. There are extensive discussions, explanations, examples, and illustrations of what you will find on the test. Practice activities will give you a feel for what the test is like while progress tests will gauge how much you have learned and consolidated in your understanding of key topics and concepts. Throughout the course, we will discuss test-taking strategies for each module so you have a better chance of getting the right answer, time and time again. The course is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Module I
  • Module II
  • Module III


We will discuss the following in the course:

  • Unit 1: Grammar
  • Unit 2: Lexis // Phonology  
  • Unit 3: Functions & Language Skills 
  • Unit 4: Motivation & SLA 
  • Unit 5: Learners, Learning & Errors
  • Unit 6: Teaching Activities
  • Unit 7: Approaches & Methods
  • Unit 8: Lesson Aims & Plans
  • Unit 9: Assessment
  • Unit 10: Resources
  • Unit 11: Teaching Aids
  • Unit 12: Coursebook & Supplementary Materials
  • Unit 13: Instructing 
  • Unit 14: Teachers’ & Learners’ Language
  • Unit 15: Learner Mistakes
  • Unit 16: Teacher Roles & Classroom Management
  • Unit 17: Correcting Learners & Feedback

The course includes:

  • Vast collection of interactive activities 
  • Readings and summaries
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Practice exercises and test questions
  • International accents: U.K., U.S., Australian, Canadian, Irish, Indian
  • Translations into Spanish

$99 / seat (reg. $149) 

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