Our Mission

We seek to offer rich, memorable learning experiences that change ELT professionals in ways that surpass their expectations, time and time again.

Our Values

Our commitment is to  quality, satisfaction and value through offerings that set the standard for e-learning in the field of language teaching and learning.  We will work tirelessly to innovate and adapt our courses to the everchanging needs and expectations of ELT professionals and language learners from around the world. We promote reflective thought and life-long learning so that the world can be a better place and dreams are fulfilled through the wondrous world of language, now and in the future.

Our Story


We are a U.S.-based e-learning company that was founded to meet an ongoing need on the part of language teachers and coordinators around the world for professional development that caters to real needs and interests. Our courses are not your run-of-the-mill offerings. We have made an effort to create truly unique learning experiences that address fundamental issues and challenges in the field, the kinds that current e-learning courses do not cover.

Although our headquarters are located in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, our appeal is truly international. We have sought language teaching professionals, content developers, and researchers that are at the vanguard of our field. We have teachers from the United States, the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and Latin America, with more from other countries and continents soon to come. Our courses have been designed for any context or setting, so rest assured our learning experiences will help you develop your knowledge, competences, and skills no matter where you are from.

Our Approach

These are some of the language teaching professionals from around the world who share their insights, experiences, and teaching practices through hands-on class videos and informative interviews. Through their participation, we can see how the concepts, strategies, and techniques that are addressed in each course are put to use in real-world classrooms. Their experiences and insights shed some light on how we can apply the lessons we have learned to our own contexts and settings.

Niamh McNamara

United Kingdom

Charles Kummerer

United States

Gabriela Valle


John Hughes

United Kingdom

Ekaterina Galvez


Diana Bermudez


Elena Skakun


Christin Schulze


Leo Mercado

United States