Global Teaching Certificate I

Teaching Essentials for Speaking & Listening 

Course Overview:

This course prepares you to become a specialist in teaching speaking and listening in a second language. It covers the essentials required by international standards and accrediting agencies, but then goes beyond to bring you a vast expanse of teaching knowledge and expertise. The aim is for you to build a diverse repertoire of strategies and techniques that you can use in class for successful speaking and listening lessons, time and time again.  Your students will produce quantity and quality in each and every class while developing their skills as active and highly competent listeners.

Course Outline:

This course will help you develop both your background knowledge and teaching expertise so you know the “what”, “how”, and “why” for successful speaking and listening lessons. It is divided as follows:

  • Introduction: Topic & Relevance sections
  • Knowledge: Theory, research, and understanding the “Why”
  • Application: Putting theory, principles, concepts into practice
  • Exploration: Professional Development Tools & Practicum 
  • Teaching Resources  


We will discuss the following in the course:

  • Essentials: Understanding the workings and design of speaking and listening activities
  • Fundamentals: Practical ideas for successful speaking and listening lessons
  • Strategy I: Expanding Beyond the Course Book
  • Strategy II: Appropriate Classroom Manage & Elicitation 
  • Strategy III: Strategies & Techniques for Maximizing STT
  • Strategy IV: The Right Input & Output

The course includes:

  • Videos of real classes  
  • Vast collection of interactive activities 
  • Interviews with real teachers 
  • Readings, lectures, and summaries
  • Teaching anecdotes
  • Curriculum design with standards

$129 / seat 

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