Global ESL/EFL Management Certificate

Essentials for ESL/EFL Coordinators & Directors

Course Overview:

This is a course designed for anyone who wishes to become an academic supervisor, coordinator, or director.  In this course, you will learn the essentials of everything a Language Program Administrator (LPA) needs to know to run a language program successfully. From developing academic expertise in program development to managing people and leading the way to quality assurance, this course covers all of the essentials.

Whether you would like to become an LPA or are one already, this course will address key themes and topics extensively so your background knowledge, academic expertise, and people skills are all fully developed for success. In the case of those who are already working as supervisors, coordinators, or directors, this course will enhance your ability to lead your teachers and programs successfully, giving you the level of confidence you need to meet your professional goals to your greatest satisfaction.

    Course Outline:

    The course is divided into different modules that you must complete, each with its own lessons. The modules are divided according to the key areas a coordinator or director must master to succeed. 

    • Intro: In this section, you are introduced the field of academic management in terms of what it encompasses and why it is important. The modules are:
      • Topic: Defining language program administration and roles for coordinators and directors
      • Relevance: Discussing the importance of academic management to successful language programs
    • Knowledge: In this section, you develop your understanding of fundamental theories, principles, and concepts as they relate to academic management. The modules are:
      • Management Basics: Getting started; roles and responsibilities; time; complaints; seniority / tenure 
      • Quality Management: Defining quality; curriculum; the learning process; defining professional development; teacher evaluation; data collection; roles for technology
      • Project Management: Types of projects;  planning and development; results and reporting; costs and budgets
      • LPA as Leader: Defining a leader and leadership; role of communicator; effective communication; policy making and enforcement; conflict in the workplace; people skills
      • Exploratory Research: Articles and other publications for exploration and further learning
    • Application:  In this section, you will apply your new understandings to the real world of academic management. The modules are:
      • Management Basics: Class assignments; teacher discipline; building teams; managing time / stress; office politics; calling meetings and doing presentations; implementing technology
      • Quality Management: Fundamentals of quality; product / service differentiation; class observations; creating / conducting surveys; feedback for teachers; enacting professional development and teacher training
      • Project Management: Proposing and substantiating; responsibility / accountability; types of projects / tenders; budgets, costs, expenses, and revenues 
      • LPA as Leader: Building credibility; making the right decisions; getting people to “buy in”; communication strategies; developing people skills; leading the way to innovation, accreditation, and organizational change
    • Illustration:  In this section, you will immerse yourself in real world examples and cases so that your understanding, skills, and competencies can all come together. The modules are:
      • Class Analyses: A wide variety of videos to watch and analyze through interactive exercises
      • Challenges & Solutions: Case studies related to a diverse array of “real world” problems and issues
      • LPA Insights: Interviews with real coordinators and directors from around the world


    • 260 hours of instruction
    • Videos of classes and interviews
    • Case studies 
    • Professional development tools and resources

    $249 / seat 

    From This Course

    Happy Students


    I own a little language institute back home in Madagascar. This training came out at the right time for us….[it] has widened my view and  knowledge.  One aspect that I liked most is the fact that all the tips given are directly practicable in real contexts. Our workers feel happier now thanks to Caprica Education. So, what would I say? Well, bravo CAPRICA ED and happy learning for everybody!!! 

    - Nomena Rabemila, Madagascar

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