Essentials for ESL/EFL Coordinators & Directors

What does the course cover?

This is a course designed for anyone who wishes to become an academic supervisor, coordinator, or director.  In this course, you will learn the essentials of everything a Language Program Administrator (LPA) needs to know to run a language program successfully. From developing academic expertise in program development to managing people and leading the way to quality assurance, this course covers all of the basics.

Whether you would like to become an LPA or are one already, this course will address key themes and topics extensively so your background knowledge, academic expertise, and people skills are all developed and you can get the job done. In the case of those who are already working as supervisors, coordinators, or directors, this course will enhance your ability to lead your teachers and programs successfully, giving you the level of confidence you need to meet your professional goals to your satisfaction.


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Here are some of the topics you will see in the course. You will develop your knowledge, skills, and competences in order to optimize your ability to handle these issues and situations:

1. Management Basics

  • Your first day
  • Daily duties and responsibilities (e.g. class assignments, student complaints, etc.)
  • Effective communication (e.g. handling meetings, making presentations, etc.)
  • Creating and communicating systems, policies, protocols, and procedures
  • Providing academic counseling to teachers and students
  • Working with other departments and institutional areas
  • Communicating with diverse institutional stakeholders to sell, convince, inform, etc.
  • Working with other team members to meet institutional goals and objectives

2. Quality Management

  • Defining quality for student learning, the lesson, the course, the program
  • Designing, creating, and evaluating courses and their content
  • Evaluating teachers and giving feedback
  • Evaluating educational materials, resources, and tools from third parties
  • Vetting your academic study program
  • Teacher training and professional development
  • How to communicate quality to your students and the market
  • Collecting data on courses and the program, analyzing it for action

3. Project Management

  • Developing and carrying out projects
  • Meeting your client’s needs, tailor-made programs
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Cost analysis and budgeting
  • Participating in government bids as well as private tenders
  • Recruiting and training staff
  • Metrics for success
  • Diversifying responsibilities

4. LPA as Leader

  • Leader versus coordinator or manager
  • Leadership: vision, credibility, outreach, source of knowledge
  • Motivating your teachers and staff
  • Achieving “buy in” among institutional stakeholders: the “magic formula”
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Making program-level decisions and making sure they are the right ones
  • Developing your people skills
  • Representing the institution: knowing what to say and do
  • Aiming for success: earning your place and beating the competition

Why should I take this course?

First of Its Kind

This is the first online course that is tailor-made for anyone who wishes to become a language program coordinator or who is one already. There is nothing else like it, anywhere.

Depth & Relevance

The course provides you with a wealth of knowledge related to the issues and topics that are key to any LPA or coordinator’s success. It also provides step-by-step, clearly defined approaches, methods, strategies, and techniques for successfully handling a diverse range of challenges that coordinators may face at any time.

Interactivity and Engagement

The course provides you with a unique and highly engaging learning experience by way of interactive activities, illustrative charts and graphs, vivid imagery, class videos and interviews with real coordinators, and the means for you to create your own professional development plan. Again, we believe you will find nothing else like it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When does the course start and finish?

This is self paced learning course of 16 to 24 weeks of duration, depending on how much time you wish to dedicate per week. You are free to advance through the lessons at your own pace and convenience. The course also includes an Exploration section, which can increase your involvement with the course by another 6 or even 12 months, depending on how you structure your own professional development plan.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course for six months.

Can I have face to face interation with Instructor

No, this is an online self-paced course with interactive activities; lectures in the form of videos, presentations, and reading lessons; class demonstrations on video; interviews with real LPAs, and a vast array of case studies. There is also a wide variety of professional development tools that will help you master what you have learned so you can apply it in the office, with teachers, and during presentations and training sessions. However, there is a moderator in the community forum who leads the discussions.

How am I evaluated in the course?

The course evaluates your knowledge and understanding by way of periodic quizzes after each lesson. There is also a test after completing the Knowledge, Application, Illustration, and Exploration sections. The final exam is comprehensive in nature, covering all of the lessons in the course. You need a total cumulative average of 70% to pass and receive your credentials.

Is the content based on real life situations and experience?

The course is based on a wealth of research and, more importantly, years and years of practical, hands-on experience. Our contributors have led very successful careers managing programs of diverse types, including very large institutions with tens of thousands of students. Their cumulative experience involves working with thousands of teachers; creating language programs from scratch and significantly changing existing ones; leading organizations to various, world-renowned program accreditations; creating world-class professional development programs; and a long list of success stories in developing quality, innovation, and market leadership. In the case of the contributors who have been directors, their experience includes working with as many as 80 coordinators and other supporting staff, as well as hundreds of teachers at any given time. 

Does this course have any certificates?

The course comes with a 260-hour certificate of achievement from Caprica Education that cites the name of the course, your name, the number of hours of study, and place of issue (Atlanta, U.S.A.). It also comes with an achievement report that details your newly acquired knowledge and skills.


All content is supported by clear instructions and vivid imagery.


Research, principles, and concepts are described concisely and in an easy-to-understand manner.

Class Analyses

Recordings of real classes get you to analyze performance, decision-making, and learner outcomes in the classroom.

LPA Insights

Real coordinators and directors from around the world share their insights and experiences regarding key issues and topics.


Lessons are wholly interactive as a highly engaging way to supplement the readings.

Current Topics

Topics are relevant and of essential importance to a coordinator’s work.


Every lesson ends in a reflection that links what was learned to your own practice.


Quizzes check your understanding after every lesson. Module tests check on what you know after a wide scope of lessons and other content. A final assessment makes you eligible for your international certificate.


Coordinators are encouraged to engage in exploratory practice, trying out new ideas and measuring their progress over time.

Case Studies

You will review case studies to see real-world problems and solutions. 

Exploratory Research

You will engage in exploratory research to further expand your knowledge and understanding of key topics.


An international certificate with official signature is issued upon completion along with a comprehensive report that details your new knowledge, competences, and skills.

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