Teaching Methodology

Our courses offer you the opportunity to expand your professional knowledge and classroom expertise.

Teaching Methodology

Our courses address fundamental issues and challenges teachers face in the classroom.

Teaching Methodology

Our courses engage you in rich professional development with maximum flexibility.

Our Approach

We think you will see our courses are unlike any other.

Our Courses

Choose from a selection of great courses below:

Maximizing Student-Talk-Time

In this course, you will learn about how to significantly increase the amount of time students have to express their thoughts and ideas when they speak in class. Your classes will become truly student-centered, with students producing both quantity and quality throughout the lesson.

Demystifying Corrective Feedback

In this course, you will learn how and when to apply corrective feedback effectively for better learning outcomes. By applying a simple framework, you will be able to use it for speaking and writing in ways that encourage learn reflection, self-correction, and high quality language output.

Teaching Grammar Creatively

In this course, you will learn about the role of grammar in second language acquisition and how you can teach it so it is meaningful and engaging for students. We will look at a wide array of methods, models, strategies, and techniques so students can use grammar for effective communication.

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Why Take Our Courses?

These are courses that address fundamental issues in English language teaching and learning, offering both a conceptual perspective and practical insights.  You will expand your background knowledge in second language acquisition theory and learn strategies and techniques that will make the  teaching and learning process in your classroom much more successful.

Here are some more reasons to take our courses:

Interactive activities make the learning experience more engaging.

Visuals, such as pictures and graphics, make the lessons easier to understand.

Strategies and techniques are explained step-by-step for successul application.

Class videos illustrate how the concepts and insights are applied in the real world.

Reflective practice is promoted through reflection questions throughout the course and self-directed projects.

Course goals and objectives are aligned with international teacher education standards.

A Typical Course


Topic & Relevance

The course begins with an introduction to the topic and a discussion of why it is essential to successful teaching.



The course continues by addressing key principles and concepts. You will learn the “why” behind suggested strategies and practices, supported by references to recent research and literature in the field.



In this section, you will learn practical strategies and techniques that can be applied in the classroom for enhanced learning outcomes. The focus is on the “what” to do and “how” to do it.



This section is a review of everything you have learned. A successful grade will allow you to pass the course and obtain your certificate and transcipt.



This is the part of the course that gets you to reflect on your teaching practice as well as a create professional development plan that will help you master the strategies and techniques you learned in the course and apply them successfully in the classroom.



An array of videos will show you how to put the ideas into practice. You will see real teachers and real students interacting as the strategies and techniques illustrated.

Marcela Guillen, Peru

“Teaching Essentials is complete, in every way. I have increased my knowledge of how students learn and gotten many helpful and practical ideas for my lessons. My certificate and report will definitely help my resume.

Louis Mercer, U.S.A.

“My experience with Teaching Essentials can be described as truly fulfilling. The courses have exceeded all my expectations. I now feel like I am much better prepared to get my students to reach their fullest potential.”

Marcial Gonzales, Spain

“The Teaching Essentials courses have helped me become the kind of teacher I always wanted to be. I am no longer the center of the class. My students are! I now have the knowledge and tools to really succeed.”